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The Pippa Martinson Signature Chocoholic Cake

This cake is all about the decadence and indulgence of chocolate, delivering its silky smooth and luscious quality, and all the guilty pleasure-ness you could desire.


A glossy ganache drip and the glint of gold hints at the abundant taste sensation within, first experienced and celebrated by the Olmec and Mayan civilisations of Central America. Decorated with dollops of buttercream, tempering indulgent chocolate in its many tones, this is the perfect cake for any dedicated lover of chocolate confections. It’s a real crowd pleaser, suitable for any occasion.


Please note: All prices exclude delivery. Deliveries take place from Tuesdays - Saturdays and all orders must be placed at least 7 days in adavnce.

The Pippa Martinson Signature Chocoholic Cake