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About our Signature Cakes

Here at Pippa Martinson Cakes, we have a wide selection of luxury ready-to-order cakes from our Signature Collection by Pippa range, that you can be sure will look and taste beautiful.  Choose your size, flavour and colour and we'll create the perfect cake for your celebration.

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The Rococo

Like most cake designers, I look for inspiration in works of art. There are two main elements in the Rococo design - colour and a flash of decadent gold.

I am inspired by a heritage colour palette, popularised by companies such as Farrow and Ball, embellished with gold, just as early 18th Century works of virtuosity were. I often dress cakes with delicate florals, and this style is no exception. I tend to use Orchids for the Rococo, evoking elegance, refinement and a historic fascination with the east, this cake is popular for special occasions, including significant birthdays.


The Abstract

I first saw abstract cake art on the ‘Don’t Tell Charles’ Instagram page, created by Thao Pea Ham. I was so taken with it, that I bombarded her with questions on how to achieve the effect, ultimately taking a class with her in order to learn. 

The principal elements of this design are colour, tone and texture. It is free form, so you can do pretty much anything… splashes and gradients of colour, scraping, layering. Art is about expression after all! This is such a popular style that I have made it for practically every occasion, but it is mostly chosen for birthdays.


The Mountainscape

The focus of this design is the graduation and layering of colour. As the name suggests, nature is the inspiration, although I first saw this design on a ceramic body.

It struck me that the layers of colour hinted at the majesty of a mountainscape. I have developed this style using tones of a single colour, then marrying complementary colours, as well as those occurring in nature at dawn, dusk etc. Obviously, that also means it can incorporate your favourite colours too. It’s a style which is always evolving, much like the landscapes it emulates. One of my favourite wedding cakes was created in this style… I’m pleased to say the recipients were equally enamoured.


The Floral Burst

Flowers have been a mainstay and muse for artists in every century. Gallery walls around the world are adorned with famous still-lives, by artists like Rachel Ruysch, Van Gough and Georgia O’Keeffe. But flowers have also served as inspiration for edible art, which my mentor, Dawn Welton, demonstrated to me so beautifully.

Evoking expressions of purity, life and abundance, I created my own floral celebration cake, featuring a cascade of colourful blooms. Naturally, these can be selected to suit any colour scheme, making the floral burst a fabulous choice for any event, especially weddings.


The Chocoholic

This cake is all about the decadence and indulgence of chocolate, delivering its silky smooth and luscious quality, and all the guilty pleasure-ness you could desire.

A glossy ganache drip and the glint of gold hints at the abundant taste sensation within, first experienced and celebrated by the Olmec and Mayan civilisations of Central America. Decorated with dollops of buttercream, tempering indulgent chocolate in its many tones, this is the perfect cake for any dedicated lover of chocolate confections. It’s a real crowd pleaser, suitable for any occasion.

The Happy Couple Signature Cake.jpg

The Happy Couple

A gloriously fruity, gilded partner to the Chocoholic. Coupling tart berries with the exoticism of vanilla, results in a gloriously familiar taste sensation - that’s my favourite.

But you cake can be enrobed in either luscious chocolate, or vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, heightened by a delectable ganache drip, edible gold pearls and leaf, as well as chocolate wrapped in glistening foils. Whether you love chocolate, fruit (or both), this is the cake for you. It is a really popular choice for birthdays.

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