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Hand drawn cake school illustration

The Pippa Martinson Cake School

Other bakers and cake decorators have been generous enough to teach, inspire and give me the confidence to turn my passion into a business. Whether you're planning a new cake-based life, or simply want to arm yourself with baking know-how, Pippa Martinson Cake School is a great place to get started.


Learning to bake or decorate cakes is not simply about making tasty treats for your family and friends to enjoy. It’s about learning skills you can pass on to your loved ones. It’s also an activity that takes focus and provides a sense of calm. It’s a great stress-reliever. I love that feeling as I sit at my kitchen bench, ready to start decorating!

No upcoming events at the moment

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About the school

The Pippa Martinson cake school has already run a number of small group courses in Ealing, London. Topics include cake decorating; helping students to master the alchemy of Swiss meringue buttercream, smooth application techniques and cake embellishment; how to design with panache and chocolate.


Adult classes fall into three categories:

  1. A baking class which takes you through the rudiments of cake baking.

  2. A decorating class which teaches the basics of stacking and covering a three layered cake.

  3. An in-depth class which teaches the process in a much more detailed way.


Baking classes are also organised for children aged 8-16. For younger children, we tend to stick to making and decorating cupcakes with an assortment of edible toppings which can make for a fun-filled special afternoon activity or kids party with a difference.

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