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The Pippa Martinson Signature Mountainscape Cake

The focus of this design is the graduation and layering of colour.


As the name suggests, nature is the inspiration, although I first saw this design on a ceramic body . It struck me that the layers of colour hinted at the majesty of a mountainscape. I have developed this style using tones of a single colour, then marrying complementary colours, as well as those occurring in nature at dawn, dusk etc. Obviously, that also means it can incorporate your favourite colours too. It’s a style which is always evolving, much like the landscapes it emulates. One of my favourite wedding cakes was created in this style… I’m pleased to say the recipients were equally enamoured.


Please note: All prices exclude delivery. Deliveries take place from Tuesdays - Saturdays and all orders must be placed at least 7 days in adavnce.

The Pippa Martinson Signature Mountainscape Cake

  • All signature cakes can be made to the size you require and personalised with your choice of colour, flavour and filling combination.

    • We bake our cakes with the finest ingredients and complementary flavour combinations to create a delicious masterpiece. Choose from a wide range of different cake flavours, fillings*, sizes and colours using the dropdowns.
    • Each cake is made with 4 layers of our moist and fluffy sponge filled with 3 layers of filling per tier.
    • We fill our cakes with a silky smooth Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream with your flavour choice.


    * Please note; some flavours of cakes on our menu are seasonal and may not be available all year round.


    Allergens: Contains eggs, gluten and milk. Our cakes may contain traces of nuts.

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